Micro Wedding Reception Ideas

Recently micro weddings have gained immense popularity as couples look for smaller and more intimate gatherings for their special day. Micro weddings allow for more personalized experience as there is a small guest list, it focuses on quality rather than quantity. In this blog we would discuss micro wedding reception ideas and provide you with some good suggestions which will help you make your wedding splendid. 

The Charm of Micro Wedding Ceremony

Before we start discussing various reception ideas, we would discuss the concept of micro weddings. Micro weddings unlike other weddings have a small guest list usually comprising of 20 to 50 individuals who are close friends and family. It gives an opportunity for the couples to enjoy more as with the small number of guests they can interact more and have good time.

Micro Wedding Ceremony-The Heart of the Celebration

The micro wedding ceremony sets the tone for the entire event. Consider hosting it in a picturesque garden, on a rooftop with a stunning cityscape, or even at the beach during sunset. Ensure that your ceremony space is beautifully decorated with flowers and personalized touches.

Micro Wedding Reception Ideas

Now, let’s explore some innovative ideas for your micro wedding reception ideas.

Intimate Backyard Gatherings

Make your backyard a pretty reception venue. You can also hang fairy lights in the trees, install long wooden tables decorated with candles and create a comfortable sitting area by introducing plush seating areas. Your backyard can turn into the perfect venue for your micro wedding reception.

Culinary Delights

Choose a refined dining experience. Work together with a celebrity chef to devise a custom menu that includes your favourite meals. Do not forget to complement it with wines or artisan cocktails.

4. DIY Photo Booths

Create DIY photo booth using a background that represents your personality. Ensure there are props, and guests should take photos all through the night. These candid photos will be remembered for many years.

5. Interactive Entertainment

Entertain your guests with interactive forms of amusement such as a performance by a live band, magic performed by an expert magician or step-by-step dancing instructions provided to you and the guests by a dance instructor. Memorable experiences will make your micro wedding reception a memorable one.

6. Personalized Favours

Provide wedding favours with personal touch to thank your guests. Try customized candles, mini succulents, or even small jars of local honey. These gestures of appreciation make your celebration extra special.

7. Micro Wedding Destinations

If you have decided to opt a micro wedding than do plan a trip for the venue of the micro wedding. As there are less guests you can easily plan out your wedding in a beautiful location. Choose a vineyard or mountain lodge or beach resort to get married.


What is a micro wedding? Micro Wedding Reception Ideas

A micro wedding is a wedding which has a very short guest list of around 50 people, and it focuses on quality time for the couples. 

Why choose a micro wedding?

Micro weddings offer a more unique and personalised experience. It is more fun for the couples as well as they get to spend quality time with people close to them. 

What is some popular micro wedding destination?

Popular micro wedding venues include gardens, historic libraries, beachfront resorts, and rustic barns, among others.

How can I make my micro wedding reception unique?

There are many ways through which you can make your micro wedding unique some of the ways could be by personalizing the décor, offering some entertainment like dances or music, and choosing a unique destination for the wedding.

Are micro weddings more eco-friendly?

Micro weddings can no doubt be eco-friendly by using eco-friendly material such as biodegradable decor and locally sourced flowers.